I have a love and appreciation for horses and for handcrafted tack.  A background in hand spinning and weaving led me to cinch making. A beautiful and durable handmade cinch or breast collar is an exceptional addition to your using gear --- an art piece you will have for many years. I believe that good looking and well-made tack contributes to your pride in your horse and horsemanship.

Located on the eastern slopes of the Washington State Cascades, I make hand-woven and tied cinches and breast collars, using primarily 100% mohair from the Angora goat.  Mohair has great tensile strength, and doesn't stretch or weaken when wet. Mohair wicks moisture away from your horse, helping to keep the cinch area cool and comfortable.  Mohair cinches are very beneficial to horses that are "cinchy" or prone to cinch galls. You will find that a mohair cinch doesn't get stiff when dirty and is very easy to clean.

I also produce some cinches in...

  • Alpaca, a very soft feeling fiber.
  • Yak hair, which has some "prickle" to it, and about halfway between mohair and horsehair.

The cinches I create are one of a kind, and I work with a variety of buckles, patterns and colors in an attempt to provide for the rider's personal preference while satisfying my desire to produce unique pieces. I produce cinches of both single and double layers and varying widths depending on your personal preference and your saddle rigging. I generally have cinches on hand from 28" in length to 36". I use American made hardware whenever possible and American raised mohair. I think it is important that this very Western Tradition of hand-made gear continues with products made here.

Pride of place contributes to pride in tradition.

Please contact me via email with the particulars of what you require and I will send you photos of available cinches and breast collars.

For custom inquiries, please request an order form which offers options in custom lengths, buckles, color, designs etc.

Show me your horse and I will tell you who you are...    Old saying